ECO -TERRA Profile

ΕCO-TERRA SA is a privately owned company which operates in the areas of organic waste management and production of quality organic fertilizers. The company operates two industrial plants close to the Athens industrial zone and currently manages over 40,000 tones of organic waste residues on an annual basis.

Recycling process leads to the production of quality end products, which are distributed throughout Greece. Products include compost as well as a range of organic fertilizers which can be utilized by amateur as well as professional landscapers. ΕCO-TERRA produces more than 15.000 cubic meters of compost on an annual basis which is sold in various forms and packages (e.g. 20lt, 50lt, 800lt.)

Production of fertilizers is certified by TUV and INTERTEK and is in compliance with the EU eco-label for compost and organic fertilizers. Moreover ECO-TERRA co-operates with the Agricultural University of Athens in the supervision of the compost production process as well as in the R&D process

Εταιρικό Προφίλ - Backhus
Εταιρικό Προφίλ - Γραφείο

ECO-TERRA transports and manages biological treatment sludge from food production facilities, animal manure, expired dairy products-soft drinks and crop residues. All residues are transported by the ECO-TERRA fleet of trucks. The company has manpower of 30, of which 15 executives and scientific staff (environmentalists, chemical engineers, biologists).

Vas. Sofias Ave 37
106 75, Athens, Greece
Factory: Ritsona Evia
Tel. 1: +30 210 8900177
Tel. 2: +30 210 8972209 /